All-In-One Home Network Gateway

All-in-One Home Network Gateway. The ultimate home entertainment hub.

It’s a Multi-Room HD-DVR and so much more.

Our All-In-One Home Network Gateway provides the best television entertainment and integrates seamlessly with your computer and home telephone service in one easy solution.

Record up to 6 shows at once. Access content from your computer on your TV. Play built-in games. See who’s calling with caller ID on TV. And control it all with a state-of-the-art high definition on-screen guide. It’s the ultimate whole-home solution the entire family can enjoy!

The All-In-One Home Network Gateway is available now to all Wave customers!

Much less than you might expect.

Have you ever wanted to simplify the equipment in your home? Now you can. Wave’s All-In-One Home Network gateway lets you ditch a number of older, separate devices and combines them all into one simple solution.

Now you can easily manage all the content in your home through a single set-top box that houses your HD-DVR, your wireless router, your cable modem and your home phone adapter.

Through our All-In-One Home Network Gateway Server.

A small Client box connects to each of your TVs and communicates with the Gateway Server, which can be placed anywhere in your home. Connect your PC through the built-in WiFi or Ethernet router, and your home phone to any integrated phone jack.

You can connect up to six small Client boxes to televisions throughout your home. Everything integrates through a single Gateway Server that can be placed anywhere in the house, which means less equipment, and less space taken up in your home entertainment system.

We’ll professionally install the All-In-One Home Network Gateway in your home and get you all set up so you don’t have to do a thing. Additionally, you can also take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for further explanation about the service. Please refer to our All-In-One Home Network Gateway How-to Videos for detailed step-by-step tutorials.

The All-In-One Home Network Gateway includes a cable modem, wireless router, and phone service adapter.

You’ll need one Gateway Server for the house, and one Gateway Client for each TV you want to share content with.

  • All-In-One Home Network Gateway Server: $20/month each
  • All-In-One Home Network Gateway Client: $7/month each

So what does the All-In-One Home Network Gateway offer?

An advanced Multi-Room HD-DVR

An advanced Multi-Room HD-DVR

Record up to 6 shows at once and play them back in any room of the house. Start watching in one room, finish in another. Schedule and manage recordings from any connected TV via a customizable, advanced new high-definition on-screen guide. And as with all of our HD equipment, you’ll have access to over 140 cable channels, 80 HD networks, and over 15,000 hours of On Demand programming.

Check out these videos to learn all about the All-In-One Home Network Gateway Multi-Room HD-DVR functions!

Caller ID on TV

Caller ID on TV

Wave Home Phone customers can see who’s calling right on the TV. And the built-in call log will let you see who tried to reach you while you were out.

Check out the “Using On-Screen Phone Features” video to see how Caller ID on TV works!

Connect your computer to your TV

Connect your computer to your TV

With full media gateway support, you can access and playback photos, music, and movies from your computer right on your TV. Plus, the built-in WiFi router and modem lets you easily connect all the wired and wireless devices in your home.

Check out the “Using Your Home Network” video to see how you can connect your computer to your TV.

Easy search functionality

Easy search functionality

Now you can search across all content – with results that include live TV programming, On Demand content and recorded content as well. You can also search by keyword, categories, and even by your favorite actor’s name.

Take a look at the “Using the Search function” video to see how easy it is to search with the All-In-One Home Network Gateway.

Have your local news right at a touch of a button

Have your local news right at a touch of a button

Now you can view the latest news, sports scores, stock quotes, entertainment news, and even your local weather forecast with the push of a button. The built-in SuperTicker banner is your own personal information center, letting you quickly call up the information you want without disturbing the program or recording you’re currently watching.

View videos about the SuperTicker to see how you can check out news, weather, and stock information on your TV.

Built-in games

Built-in games

Wave’s All-In-One Home Network Gateway comes with 14 built-in games that you can play right on your TV. From Solitaire to Mahjong to Poker. Some games even let you continue watching what’s on TV while you play.

View the “Playing Games” video to get a preview of how to play games on your TV.