TV on Demand FAQs

Digital Cable TV service through Wave Broadband comes with many perks, including our extensive On Demand library. TV On Demand and Movies On Demand provide thousands of hours of entertainment, ready to begin whenever you are!

TV On Demand is a digital cable television service that allows you to choose a video from our program library and watch it when you want. TV On Demand has interactive functionality that allows you to use your remote to view videos instantly on your TV, and use features like Pause, Rewind, Fast-Forward, Stop, and Play.

Most programming on TV On Demand is available for free, according to your subscription. Most new release movies are available for $3.99 and up. Some special interest On Demand content is also available with an additional monthly subscription. Pricing for events varies. Prices are subject to change. Taxes and franchise fees not included.

TV On Demand offers hundreds of hours of cable programming for free, including shows like:

    • Bravo On Demand
    • Cartoon Network On Demand
    • CMT On Demand
    • Comedy Central On Demand
    • Discovery On Demand
    • Disney Channel On Demand
    • ESPN On Demand
    • Food Network On Demand
    • HGTV On Demand
  • History On Demand
  • MTV On Demand
  • Nickelodeon On Demand
  • PBS KIDS Sprout On Demand
  • Spike On Demand
  • Syfy On Demand
  • USA Network On Demand
  • NBC Sports Network On Demand
  • and more!

Video titles and events are made available to Wave by the movie studios on a weekly basis.

Once you start viewing a program, you will have 24 hours in which to view your selection.

Simply find that title listing in the menu, either under the specific category or under “My Rentals”, and the remaining viewing time for that selection will be displayed on the screen.

If the rental time frame ends and you did not finish viewing your video, you will need to re-purchase the video at an additional charge. If purchased again, you will be given a new rental period of 24 hours.

Yes. The Digital Cable Parental Control features also work with TV On Demand. By using the features on your program guide, you are able to block any given video by rating, or block the entire channel.

Yes, the same video can be watched on two or more receivers on the same account, with one purchase.

If you select a video title that has already been purchased, within the rental time of that purchase, it will simply begin playing from where you last stopped viewing it. The system will not allow you to order a video twice during the rental time frame.

Yes. To resume a program that you have stopped, within the rental time frame, simply find it in the “My Rentals” category and press play.