Get Started Guide

How to get started

Your Wave Internet service is installed and ready for a router. You can provide your own router, or rent one from Wave. Once you’re ready with your router, you’ll need to get it connected to the Wave main feed inside your home’s smart panel, home which may be in the laundry or utility room.

This is your smart panel
Inside your smart panel
Wave main feed

Wave Main Feed Input

The Wave main feed plugs into an input on the switch. From the switch, there are Ethernet cables that connect to wall jacks in several of your rooms, which would be labeled by the electrician.

How to connect to your wireless service (WiFi)

You have two options if you choose to use your own wireless router.

1. Connect it in the smart panel

  • Plug the Wave feed with the blue boot into your wireless router input
  • If you would like to be able to use a hard-wired connection in other rooms, connect your router to the switch with another Ethernet cable

2. Set it up in one of your pre-wired rooms

  • Ensure the Wave feed with the blue boot is plugged into the switch as shown on the previous page
  • Select a pre-wired location that is connected to the switch
  • Using an Ethernet cable, plug your router into the wall jack corresponding to that location

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