Wave Broadband April 14, 2017
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Wave & Consumer
Broadband Privacy

Recent changes in FCC rules around broadband privacy have prompted some questions on where Wave stands when it comes to consumer data.

Wave does not sell our customers’ web browsing data, and has no interest in doing so. Our focus is on being an outstanding internet service provider, delivering the fastest, most reliable internet service to our customers.

Wave is a true internet service provider. We do not have the conflicting burdens other operators may have by being both an internet service and content provider. And our business model is not supported by serving users web ads, unlike search engine and social network companies. We serve the consumer directly and have no other interest than providing our customers with fast, reliable, unrestricted access to all corners of the internet.

We are committed to working in the best interest of our customers and that drives our company policies, including our:

Privacy Policy
Internet Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)
Network Management Policy

While the recently overturned FCC broadband privacy laws will not apply, Wave remains subject to and we will comply with the privacy regulations of the Federal Trade Commission, the Communications Act and any applicable state statutes.

More information on our privacy policy:
Wave’s privacy policy covers how we can use customers’ personally-identifiable data, such as contact information (name, address, phone, email address). Most of the policy pertains to how we use that data to do business with our customers—sending their statements, giving them online access to their account, running the systems necessary to provide their service, and the like.

There have been some questions about the provision in the privacy policy that permits sharing customer contact information with charities or third-parties for them to market their services to our customers. This is not something we currently do, have done, or have any plans to do. But the privacy policy does allow for the possibility. An example might be allowing a streaming content provider to market to our internet customers directly. Once again, this is not something we are doing or plan to do. Any customer that wants to opt out of potentially being part of such a list can simply send in an opt-out request: complete the online contact form and request a “privacy policy opt-out”.