Stream Your Favorite 90’s TV Shows

Wave Broadband June 14, 2021

Stream Your Favorite 90’s TV Shows

Miss hanging out with your favorite Friends each week or getting Saved by the Bell? Now with streaming services like Hulu and Netflix – available on your TiVo – you can finally get a blast from the past in minutes! Check out this handy guide to find out where your favorite 90’s sitcom is streaming and what new reboots are in the works. Plus test your 90’s sitcom IQ with our fun quiz!

What to Stream

90's Shows Streaming on Netflix

Relive all 10 seasons of Friends anytime, anywhere using your Netflix app on TiVo! Dive back into that Ross and Rachel relationship saga all over again! Check out more blasts from the pasts here:

90's Shows Streaming on YouTube

From Will’s hilarious charm to “The Carlton” dance The Fresh Prince of Bel Air had so many awesome moments. Now watch all 6 seasons on YouTube plus more nostalgic favorites like:

90's Shows Streaming on Hulu

Who else couldn’t wait to flip on ABC for another night of TGIF fun? Now you can stream the entire TGIF lineup on Hulu including:

Test Your 90’s Sitcom IQ

Huge Seinfeld fan? Can’t get enough of Friends? Test your 90’s sitcom knowledge today! Take a break with this quiz and share your results with all your friends.

90s TV Show Reboots

Premieres this Fall on The CW

The Charmed reboot is sure to put a nice spell on you this fall on The CW. Meet a new group of sisters that will sure bring back the magic of the original.

Magnum P.I.
Premieres this Fall on CBS

Experience all-new adventures with the return of Magnum P.I.! Join the Special Ops veteran as he takes on jobs no one else will.

Murphy Brown
Premieres this Fall on CBS

Need more wit with your political commentary? Look no further than the return of Murphy Brown! The fictional anchorwoman returns to CBS this fall.