Wave Broadband March 8, 2018

Net Neutrality

Wave's position

Wave is for Net Neutrality.
We practice internet freedom – we always have, and we always will.

There is a lot of news about the FCC changes to Net Neutrality. Here is Wave’s position:

Wave does:
  • Provide the same access speed for all content providers onto our network
  • Empower customers to freely use services that directly compete with our own offerings
  • Invest in our network to give our customers the internet speed, capacity and services they want most
  • Respect the privacy of our customers
Wave has never and will NOT:
  • Take money from content providers to make their sites faster than their competitors’
  • Impede the performance from providers who offer services that compete with us
  • Block or throttle consumer access based on internet content
  • Track users’ internet activity
  • Sell our customers’ information

It is well known that content providers (like social media, video sites, and ecommerce platforms) track, use and sell customer information. Wave does not engage in this type of activity.

Wave has always conducted business in line with the new law signed by Washington governor, Jay Inslee, on 3/5/2018. The new bill makes Washington the first state to set up its own net neutrality requirements to protect an open internet.


As an internet service provider, Wave gives our customers open access to the internet – we always have, and we always will.