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Get to know Live TV Streaming

Get to knowLive TVStreaming

Set Your TV Free with Live Streaming

If you need the freedom to choose where and how you watch your favorites shows or you prefer to get only the channels you want, live streaming TV services may be for you. With live streaming, you can watch your shows or teams live, just like traditional TV, but wherever you are on your laptop, tablet, TV or phone. With live streaming services you choose the channels that are important to you, and leave others behind. Get the freedom to pick channels and the flexibility to choose the best TV experience for you – and your wallet.

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What is Live TV Streaming?

Traditional TV and live TV streaming are very similar – your shows air at a specific time on the usual channel. But with live TV streaming, you can bring those shows to you wherever you are and watch on another device, not just your TV at home. And with the flexibility to choose the channels you love, it’s TV your way.
Try one of the services below – with no contracts and big savings.
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Explore the Best in Live Streaming Options

Personalize Your Channel Lineup and Save
The #1 Live TV Streaming Service. No long-term contracts, no hidden fees.

  • Customize your experience with sports, news, and more
  • Stream on big screen & your favorite devices
  • 150+ channel options and 65,000 on-demand titles

Starting at $20 for your first month*

Get Sling TV

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Sports Lovers & More
Watch live & regional sports, entertainment on any TV, any device.

  • Cloud DVR included
  • 3-day replay for games & more
  • Over 30K hours of VOD content available

Starting at $54.99, 7-day free trial*

Get Fubo TV

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There's no limit!

Mix it up - combine Live and On Demand streaming.

With streaming TV you can easily mix and match your subscriptions. There’s no limit to what you can do – take your On Demand streaming accounts like Netflix and Hulu, then add a live TV streaming service to get just the right entertainment for you.

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