Multi-Room DVR launches in Washington and California

March 15, 2011

Kirkand, WA – Today Wave Broadband announced the launch of its new Multi-Room DVR in its Washington and California service areas. The Multi-Room DVR is the newest addition to Wave’s list of equipment choices.

The Multi-Room DVR provides the same functionalities of a DVR, which records programs onto its hard drive to be played later, as well as the additional ability for customers to play back their recorded shows from any room in the house.

The Multi-Room DVR works by using one main DVR receiver (designated as the “Server”) connected to a TV in a house, with additional receivers (designated as “Clients”) on other TVs throughout the same house. When customers record a program on the “Server” DVR, they can also access it and play it back from any room that is connected to a “Client” receiver.

This means customers can start watching a pre-recorded program in one room, pause it, and finish watching it from another room. Customers can also watch up to six different recorded shows in six different rooms at the same time.

“We always take into consideration what our customers request, and the Multi-Room DVR has been a highly-requested service,” said Arah Peck, Chief Marketing Officer at Wave Broadband. “We’re happy to offer advanced technologies as part of our goal to provide our customers with maximum choice and value.”

The Wave Multi-Room DVR Server box is available in select areas at $18/month for a “Server”, and $7/month for each “Client” receiver, with customers free to select as many “Client” receivers as they need. Additional information can be found here.


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