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Online Learning Resources

Fun At Home Learning

Back-to-school looks a bit different these days. Whether you’re looking for at-home learning or want
to expand your child’s in-class learnings, log online for these self-guided education lessons. Get ready with reliable internet for your home because class is back in session.


Conquer the ABCs and learn to read with Starfall. Using fun interactive games and read-along stories, Starfall helps Preschoolers to 3rd graders make the leap from letters to reading. Phonics have never been so fun!

Reading Resources:



History comes to life with these videos from TEDEd. These short, educational animated videos are every bit as thought-provoking as TED Talks for adults. Geared towards the younger audience, find even more ways to stay engaged with quizzes, further readings and discussion boards.

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Kids won’t even know they’re learning with the entertaining videos and quizzes on BrainPop. These activities encourage them to dive deeper and learn more about the world around them from the smallest cellular life to space.

Resources For the Budding Scientists:



Math isn’t scary anymore with Kahn Academy! Videos break math concepts into bite-sized pieces and kids can spend as much time as they need until they’re confident in their skills. Plus, there’s something for everyone with courses for Kindergarten through college!

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Kahn Academy


Kids will be excited to exercise when their PE coach is their favorite superhero or movie character! On Get Kids Moving, Wonder Woman will lead them in Amazon lunges, Luke Skywalker will guide them through Jedi Training, or they can grab their wands to cast spells with Harry Potter.

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Get Kids Moving

Arts & Culture

No matter what type of art your budding artist is into, from Van Gogh to Picasso and everything in between, Art in Action has a free class for it. Time to turn that blank canvas into a masterpiece!

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Art in Action