Wave Broadband November 9, 2021

Good news – we're making changes to your service!

We’re upgrading your speed from 100 Mbps to 250 Mbps. And you’ll have more choices for home entertainment and the ability to upgrade to Gig Speed Internet (up to 940 Mbps downloads).*

To make these changes, we will have to swap in new equipment and you’ll need to make an appointment.

1. Why is Wave changing the service in my building?+

We are bringing Gig Speed service to the building and ensuring Wave can continue to serve you with the best internet services and more available today.

2. How will this affect my internet service?+

Your internet speed will be upgraded to 250 Mbps from the current 100 Mbps at no additional cost for up to 2 years. And you will have the option to upgrade your service to Gig Speed internet (up to 940 Mbps), if desired.

3. Do I need new equipment?+

Yes – we will install a modem with Wi-Fi but you can use your own modem. Call us for modem and router requirements if you would prefer to use your own equipment.

4. Does someone have to come to my home to make this change?+

Yes, A professional installation will be scheduled to ensure your new service is set up and operating properly. Our technicians are trained to follow all COVID protocols for your safety and theirs.

5. How long does it take to set up my new service?+

Not long – it should take less than an hour.

6. Will my bill change?+

Your bill may go up slightly depending on which Wave equipment solution you choose.

7. What else is changing – customer support numbers, website, other?+

Your online bill payment portal (https://my.wavebroadband.com) and customer care number will not change (1-866-WAVE123 or 1-866-928-3123). Your new online customer support portal will be www.wavehome.com.

8. Can I keep my current service package?+

Your current service package will not be available. Your new package will only be slightly different and include a speed boost to 250 Mbps.

* Internet download speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Observed speeds may vary based on device, connection and other factors outside of Wave’s control. Gig Speed is up to 940 Mbps. Certain equipment may be required to receive up to 100Mbps and/or Gigabit speeds. No contract is required. High Speed 250 Internet intro price of $39.95 is for 24 mos. & includes up to 250 Mbps downloads & unlimited data transfer usage. After 2 years, regular rates apply (currently $79.95/mo + $20.00 unlimited data). **After 2 TB of usage, Wave may slow data speeds for network management. Price does not include Internet Infrastructure Fee of $6.97/month, which is subject to change. Internet Infrastructure Fee helps defray costs associated with building and maintaining Wave’s broadband network, as well as the costs of expanding network capacity to support the continued increase in customers’ average broadband consumption. This fee is neither government-mandated nor a tax, fee or surcharge imposed by the government. Offer prices exclude fees for equipment that may be required, taxes, installation and activation, franchise fees and surcharges. Serviceable areas only. Prices subject to change. Not valid with other offers. Restrictions may apply. Additional terms and conditions on gowave.com/agreements-and-policies/. WASHINGTON RESIDENTS: base rates listed are subject to a 2% Regulatory Recovery Fee and not included in the introductory price. © 2021 WaveDivision Holdings, LLC. All Rights Reserved.