Wave Broadband September 17, 2020

Football Entertainment

Get your touchdown dance ready — football season is back! When you’re off the field, take to the internet for more catches and tackles, including online gaming, streamable movies and shows, and live games.

Get in on the Gridiron Action with Online Gaming

Feel like you’re on the field fighting for every point when you root on your favorite eSports gamers tackling Madden NFL 21 on Twitch. Ready to play quarterback yourself? Suit up for these free online football games:

Best Football Movies and Series to Stream

Nothing is off-limits in this documentary series that follows the LA Chargers and LA Rams. As they prepare for a new season, see what it takes to play in the spectacular new 70,000-seat SoFi Stadium they share. Get stadium seating with these football gems:

Live Stream Football on fuboTV

Never miss another game with live streaming football on Fox, NBC and CBS. All you need is your device and fuboTV.

Watch Live Football with Sling TV

Watch all the games live with Sling TV. From kickoff to the last touchdown, you’re there for every second of the action with Sling TV.

Enjoy NFL RedZone from NFL Network

Watch Football Like a Pro

With NFL RedZone from NFL Network catch the most exciting plays on Sunday afternoons! When a team goes inside the 20 on their way to the end zone, viewers will see the game’s biggest plays.

NFL Network on the Go

The NFL Network app is your go-to source for football news and updates about your favorite teams.

Get Fantasy Football Stats

Improve your fantasy football roster with up-to-the-minute fantasy stats, extended highlights and much more. It’s the perfect sidekick to maximize your roster!