What is Live Streaming TV?

Wave Broadband December 16, 2019
What Is Live Streaming

What Is Streaming and How Does It Work?

One of the biggest benefits of having fast Internet connectivity is to be able to stream. Streaming allows you to listen to music or watch videos in “real time” instead of having to download a file to your computer or device. With streaming, you can have online access to shows, movies, music, short online video content (from DIY tutorials to music videos), webcast of live events, podcasts, and so much more.


Live TV Streaming vs. Traditional TV

  • Live TV Streaming lets you watch the same content you’d get from your traditional way of watching TV, but with the added benefits of on-screen guides, DVR functionality, and more.
  • Live TV Streaming airs content live at a specific time on a specific channel, just like Traditional TV. It’s not to be confused with on-demand streaming that allows you to pick what you want to watch, and watch it at your own schedule.
  • Live TV Streaming specifically delivers entertainment content over the Internet, giving you an alternative option to TV content.

Why choose live TV streaming?

If you want to be able to watch your TV entertainment live when it airs, but with the added flexibility to view just your favorite content, then Live TV Streaming is for you!

  • Keep on watching Live TV entertainment like you normally would, and get it online.
  • Select the content you love. Live TV Streaming makes it easy for you to find exactly what you like.
  • Mix and match your Live TV Streaming services with Traditional TV or a Cable package from Wave to get what you need.
  • Great news: local content is still available with Live TV Streaming

Live TV vs.
On Demand Streaming

Live TV Streaming Services
  • Watch the latest show or games in real time
  • Enjoy genre specific content
  • Watch local TV in the moment
  • Subscription-based

On Demand Streaming Services
  • “On Demand” means no live TV streaming, just shows & movies on your schedule
  • These streaming services often offer original content
  • Subscription-based

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