Wave Broadband October 11, 2020
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Universal Converter (AKA HD-DTA) Installation Instructions

Wave’s Universal Converter, also known as an HD-DTA, gives you more choice and control.

Wave has the equipment choices to fit your cable TV needs and budget. Add a Universal Converter, also known as an HD-DTA, to your secondary HDTVs and get access to the high-definition and digital channels included in your cable service subscription. This is a perfect solution if you have multiple HD televisions in your home, but don’t want full-sized HD receivers for them. Get a Universal Converter from Wave for only $4.00/month!

How to Activate Your DTA

  1. Go home, hook up the DTA per instructions provided
  2. Call 1-866-928-3123
  3. If you are a current customer press 1
    1. Enter your phone number followed by #
    2. Enter your ZIP code
  4. Technical Support press 1
    • To Reset equipment press 1
  5. To authorize video equipment press 1

If your channels do not authorize within 15 minutes of following these steps, then please call 1-866-928-3123.