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Webmail Help

Webmail is free with internet service and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. In referencing this help page, it is important to note that your webmail page may look different than what is shown, if you have chosen a “preferred skin” other than the Wave default.

Setting Up and Using the Address Book

  1. Select the “Compose” button
  2. In the main section of the screen, click on the small icon that looks like a book. In the default “preferred skin”, this will be on the right side of the page.
  3. The filter field can be used to search through the address book and only display entries that contain specific words or names. Once you have entered the filter parameters, click on the button that looks like a gear to start the search.
  4. Below this is the field where you can manually add addresses to the address book. This field reads: “Real Name” <email.name@company> by default.
    If you wish to add an address, be sure to keep the brackets (< >) around the email address, or it will not be accepted. After typing in the new information, click the icon with the plus (+) on it just to the right of this field to add it to the address book.
  5. Underneath the new address field is the space where all the addresses in the address book are listed. To add an address from the list to the email being composed, click the address and then the “To” button on the right.
    The “CC” and “BCC” buttons are for carbon copying and blind carbon copying, and are used in the same way as the “To” button. The icon with a red “X” will delete the selected entry from the address book.

Blocking a Sender

Please note that this is not a substitute for reporting spam or other email abuse. Those can be stopped by submitting an abuse form.

  1. Click on Rules in the task bar.
  2. Type the name of the rule (“Block sender” in the case shown below).
  3. Click on the Edit button next to your new Rule to start setting it up.
  4. Under Data, choose “From”.
  5. Under Operation, choose “is”.
  6. Type the name of the address you wish to block.
  7. Under Action there are two options that will accomplish your goal.
    Reject with: Sends a bounce-back error message to the sender, including whatever message you type in the “Parameter” box. You never receive the sender’s message.
    Discard: Moves the sender’s message directly to the trash. The sender will not receive notice that you rejected the message, and it will sit in your trash until deleted.
  8. Click the green check mark when finished, to save the rule. This change will take effect immediately.

Setting Rules

You can configure your interface to automatically take certain actions with certain emails by setting up rules. For instance, all messages from a certain address can be automatically saved in a certain folder.

Also, this is also where you can set an automatic reply or “vacation message” to be sent in response to any incoming message. The rules screen can be accessed by clicking on the large button that looks like a gear at the very top of the webmail page.

To create a new rule:

  1. Type a name for your rule in the “Rule Name” field.
  2. Click “Create”. Once the rule has been created, it will be listed at the top of the window, and can be configured.
  3. Use the “priority” dropdown to specify whether some rules must take effect before others. Lower numbers indicate higher priority.
  4. To configure a rule, click the “Edit” link on the right portion of the rule’s listing. This gives you a set of dropdown boxes that allow you to choose the circumstances that will trigger the rule to take effect, and what it should do.
  5. Select the proper “Data”, “Operation”, and “Parameter” fields. These allow you to configure the triggering circumstances.For instance, if you want this rule to affect all messages from webmail@wavecable.com, then you would set “Data” to From, and “Operation” to Is, and then type webmail@wavecable.com into the “Parameter” field.
  6. Set the “Action” and other “Parameter” field. “Action tells the interface what to do if the criteria of the first three fields is met. For instance, if you want to store all messages from webmail@wavecable.com in a specific folder, you would choose the “Action” of Store In and you would specify which folder you desire.
  7. Click the button with the green check mark to save any changes that have been made. These changes will take effect immediately.
  8. Clicking the button with the red “X” will undo any changes.