High Speed Internet

Everything is better with faster internet

What speed do you need?

In my home there are...

Devices / Users
Devices / Users
Devices / Users

My typical internet usage is...

Email, surfing, shopping
Online gaming, streaming movies & TV
Simultaneous streaming, video conferencing
Up to 10 Mbps down / 1 Mbps up

100 GB
included data
data upgrades available

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When you want a reliable internet connection for email, surfing, shopping, managing your accounts and more, High Speed 10 will do the job faster than DSL.

Up to 100 Mbps down / 5 Mbps up

400 GB
included data
data upgrades available

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High Speed 100 is true high speed, and includes our 400 GB Data Plan. It’s perfect for surfing, streaming, gaming, and telecommuting. Homes with multiple (3-4) connected devices can stay connected smoothly and enjoy the benefits of high speed internet.

Up to 250 Mbps down / 10 Mbps up

500 GB
included data
data upgrades available

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High Speed 250 provides super speed to support more connected devices (5-7+), more users, and more simultaneous high bandwidth activities such as streaming movies and TV shows, gaming, video conferencing and can support home offices, too.

up to 1000 Mbps down / 10 Mbps up

included data*

On Sale Now

Now available! Gig Speed delivers optimum speed across all your connected devices simultaneously – TVs, computers, tablets, gaming consoles, home office and Wi-Fi enabled home devices. Plus Gig Speed includes unlimited* data so you can surf, stream and game – without limits.

Do more with your internet

Double Your Data

Get twice as much from your internet plan with double data. Simply choose your plan and add double data for just $10/month.

For example, 400 GB data plan included with your internet service? Add this upgrade to make it 800 GB.

This is the perfect choice if you need more flexibility in internet usage.

Unlimited Data

The ideal worry-free option. Add unlimited data and never think twice about streaming, gaming, conferencing, working, file sharing or any other internet usage.

This plan is built just for Wave’s high speed, high data needs customers. Choose HS100 or faster and add unlimited data* for $20/month.


Worry less about your internet

Home Networking

Skip the frustration of setting up your own network. With Wave’s home networking service, we provide the equipment and set up your network. If you ever have an issue, we take care of it, all for just $10 per month.

Home networking service includes:

  • Wireless router and modem
  • Professional installation and maintenance
  • 24 hour tech support, every day
Service Protection Plan

Add the Wave service protection plan for the ultimate in peace of mind.

Our service protection plan includes:

  • Service calls related to visible wiring, equipment issues, and set up for cable TV, high speed internet, and home phone
  • Service calls for support and customer education when you need it
  • Flexibility to cancel the plan anytime, no contract required

* Residential offers, available for new customers only. Offer expires 2/28/18. Equipment, taxes and other fees apply.

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Internet offers valid with 12 month Promotional Discount. High Speed 100 Internet regularly $69.95/month, and includes 400 GB data transfer usage per month. High Speed 10 Internet regularly $42.95/month, and includes 100 GB data transfer usage per month. High Speed 250 Internet regularly $79.95/month, and includes 500 GB data transfer usage per month. Gigabit Internet regularly $99.95/month, and includes unlimited data transfer usage per month. Unlimited Data Plan available on top two speed tiers only. After 2 TB of usage, Wave may slow data speeds for network management. Usage beyond total allotment subject to additional charges; allotment upgrades available. Minimum computer system requirements apply. Speed is not guaranteed and is affected by user’s computer, sites accessed and number of devices connected. Internet modem required. Multimedia modem required when internet and phone service is combined. Modem with Home Networking Service available for $10/month. Installation is $60.00 and includes 1 computer or 3 devices with Wireless Home Networking. Additional outlet and special wiring fees may apply. Serviceable areas only. Prices subject to change. Not valid with other offers. Certain restrictions and additional fees may apply. Call for complete details. WASHINGTON RESIDENTS: The base rates listed are subject to a 2% Regulatory Recovery Fee, which added together determines the total price.